Benefits of Automating End of Line Palletizing

Benefits of Automating End of Line Palletizing

What is Palletizing?

Palletizing is simply stacking packaged materials (boxes, barrels, bags, etc.) on a pallet for storage and shipping.

There are many different ways and patterns to stack these products to maximize their arrangement on the pallet.

The traditional way of palletizing consisted of a worker manually taking the materials and stacking them by hand.

A taxing and monotonous job!

What is Automated Palletizing?

Automating the palletizing process includes adding a robot, or hard automation, to the end of the line and programming it to stack materials in a specific pattern.

Benefits of Robotic Palletizing


Robotic systems have very specific safety protocols, laid out by A3 Robotics, that need to be met in order for the system to be installed.

Workers no longer have to do the dull, dirty, dangerous work, reducing the risk of work accidents.

Cost Effective

Taking into consideration all the cost saving variables of installing a robotic system, the ROI of automation is typically very good.

Additionally, there are large opportunity costs (loss of revenue) of the line not running due to lack of workers. 

Workers Move to More Fulfilling Jobs

Taking workers out of harmful and dangerous jobs allows them to do more fulfilling work.

They are then able to work on more valuable jobs that need additional workers.

Increased Productivity

An automated system will allow more product to pass through and therefore increase the throughput of the line.

The A3 robotic system value calculator automatically estimates a 27% productivity gain from adding robots to a manufacturing process.


Robots are programmed to be precise when picking and placing product.

This predictable repeatability reduces the number of mistakes and loss of product.

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