Benefits of a Cleated Belt Conveyor

What is a Cleated Belt Conveyor?

A cleated belt conveyor is a type of conveyor with cleats or ribs affixed to the conveyor belt at regular intervals. These cleats provide stability and grip during transportation by preventing material from rolling back or dropping off the belt. Cleated belt conveyors are sometimes used for incline conveying applications, ensuring efficient and secure handling of various materials.

idle cleated belt conveyor

Cleated Belt Conveyor Benefits

Enhanced Material Handling

Cleated belt conveyors help enhance material handling because the design helps prevent material from slipping or tumbling off the belt. This is especially important when transporting loose or bulk items. The cleats provide grip and stability, making material handling more efficient and reliable.

Incline Capabilities

Cleated belt conveyors are ideal for transporting items up inclines. Even when the belt is sharply sloped, the cleats effectively prevent things from slipping backward.


Cleated belt conveyors can transport a variety of products, including loose bulk goods, small pieces, or even wet and sticky materials. The cleats keep these materials from slipping or rolling off the belt. Cleat spacing can be adjusted to suit specific material characteristics and conveyor requirements.


In conclusion, cleated belt conveyors offer several benefits that make them a valuable solution for specific material handling applications. With their enhanced grip and stability provided by the cleats, these conveyors excel at efficiently transporting materials on inclines and preventing spillage. They are a reliable and efficient choice for companies looking to improve productivity and overall system performance.

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