What is an Over Under Conveyor? | Cyclops Conveyor Series

As part of our Cyclops Conveyor Series, an over under conveyor is a continuously running, asynchronous, pallet conveyor for custom fixtures that allows individual pallets to be positioned for accurate pick and place of product without shutting down motors or relying on clutches that other conveyor systems typically require. FEATURES An over under conveyor has […]

6 Reasons to Implement a FANUC CRX Into Your Manufacturing Line

Last year, Zeta Group Engineering became one of the first companies in North America to receive the recently released FANUC CRX-10iA/L collaborative robot (cobot). This new advancement in collaborative technology by FANUC boasts some incredible features which provides lean integrators like Zeta Group important advantages. After working with this robot for a few months now, […]

Calculating ROI of Industrial Automation: Why Traditional ROI Calculations Are Not the Most Accurate

Traditionally, calculating the return on investment (ROI) of implementing industrial automation systems is pretty straightforward: calculate labor costs, calculate cost of implementing an automation system and then find the difference between the two. While these are crucial components in an ROI calculation, there are many other variables that should be included in order to gain […]

Working with Robots: A Guide to the Levels of Collaboration Between Humans and Robots

Collaborative technology has been a hot topic of conversation lately and it does not seem like the collaborative buzz will be going away anytime soon. It is predicted that by 2027 collaborative robots (or cobots) are expected to make up 29% of the global industrial robots market. There are many advantages to integrating cobots into […]