Levels of Collaboration Case Study: Fenced Robot

Levels of Collaboration Between Humans and Robots Interactions between humans and robots can be distilled down into five levels. These levels are: Fenced Robot Coexistence Sequential Collaboration Cooperation Responsive Collaboration An extensive breakdown of each of the levels can be found here. Case Study: Fenced Robot The first level of collaboration is Fenced Robot. This […]

Easy Installation – Hermes Mobile Cobot

Installing robotics systems can be typically a long, complex process. This requires long moments of downtime for a manufacturing line. Zeta Group Engineering’s Hermes Series mobile cobot is a far less taxing installation process. HERMES INSTALLATION FEATURES Quick Install Process Unlike the larger, more involved robotic systems which can take many days to install, Hermes’ […]

Levels of Collaboration Case Study: Sequential Collaboration

Human/Robot Collaboration The future of robotics and automation is not about replacing workers with robots. Instead, it is about allowing humans and robots to collaborate efficiently to improve manufacturing lines. Collaborative robots (or cobots) are one prominent example of how humans and robots collaborate. These types of robots allow the two to work side by […]

Features of a Light Duty Over Under Conveyor

Easy & Quick Installation Our light duty over under is much less complex than a standard over under, meaning that the design-build-install process takes a fraction of the time. With Zeta’s in-house controls installation, the lead time of implementing controls on this conveyor is greatly reduced compared to using a third party. Economical This application […]

Features of a PRM Conveyor

PRM conveyors are a highly durable and reliable conveyor type. At Zeta Group, our Arion Conveyors are comprised of customizable PRM conveyors. Steel Frame The frame of a PRM conveyor is made from a rugged steel construction. Steel frames are known for durability and reliability. PRM frames were originally designed for the rotor and caliper […]

System Spotlight: Stainless Steel Dry Ice Conveyors

Overview A customer came to us needing a conveying solution for transporting bagged dry ice. Because of the type of product being transported, special materials were needed. Our solution was a stainless-steel plastic belt conveyor constructed for a washdown environment. Features Stainless Steel Frame The frame was made from stainless steel so that it could […]