Athena Automation Series – Pallet Dispenser & Accumulator

Automated pallet dispensing and accumulating saves time, increases production, and reduces chance of injury from manual pallet handling.

The Athena Automation Series pallet dispenser and/or accumulator provides a robust and customizable solution for pallet handling needs.


Pallet Handling Features

Athena can handle multiple sizes of pallets ranging from GMA to bulk sized pallets. The pallet handling arms are adjustable based on the size of the pallet.

Custom pallet sizes can be up to 63” wide.


Full in-house controls for Athena are optional based on customer preference.

The various included in-house controls features are:

  • Standard Gearmotor Motor prewired to local disconnect
  • Sensor cables terminated to Festo I/O modules
  • Pneumatic plumbing from valves to cylinders
  • Festo manifold with ethernet communication

The optional in-house controls are:

  • Full controls with PLC, Programming, and Testing
  • HMI
  • Remote access

Safety Options

A standard Athena Automation Series system includes only the pallet dispenser, but additional safety options are available.

  • Non-muting light curtains with push button operation stations
  • Guarding and fence panels

Multiple Conveyor Options

There are two common conveyor types for Athena with multiple different configurations:

  • CDLR or chain conveyor
  • Cross directional or pass through


The system is made from a powder coat welded steel structure which holds up in harsh environments.

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