6 Reasons to Choose a FANUC CRX Cobot

In 2020, Zeta Group Engineering became one of the first companies in North America to receive the recently released FANUC CRX-10iA/L collaborative robot (cobot).

Since then, FANUC has updated their line of CRX robots to include five total variations.

This new advancement in collaborative robot technology by FANUC boasts some incredible features which provides manufacturers important advantages.

After working with this cobot for a few years now, we have compiled a list of 6 reasons to implement cobots, specifically the FANUC CRX, into your manufacturing line.

1. Cobot Safety

Collaborative robots are designed with safety as their number one feature. This makes them safe to work around.

The CRX comes standard with safety rated sensitive contact detection. Unlike traditional yellow FANUC robot which requires cages or safety scanners, the CRX doesn't require any external safety.

This doesn't mean that these extra safety measures can't be added on. If someone wanted to utilize a collaborative robot at a faster speed than is deemed safe, these features such as safety scanners and fencing can be added on.

2. Easy Installation

The CRX has an easy installation process mainly because of its size and weight. Unlike traditional robots, there is no need for a crane or other lifting equipment when installing it.

At Zeta Group, we utilize the CRX mainly in our Hermes Mobile Cobot Solutions. Our installation process for this system takes under one day which means that we can have your new automation solution up and running faster than other larger systems.

3. FANUC Customer Service

One of the things about FANUC that really stands out is their customer service.

They have a quick response time because their FANUC Technical Support Call Center is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

In addition to their call center, customers have access to their CRC (Customer Resource Center) on the website. This portal allows customers to look at spare parts and warranty information.

4. Increased Flexibility

A CRX's design makes it lightweight and easy to make mobile. With Zeta's Hermes Mobile Cobot Solution, we take a CRX and place it on a mobile cart. By doing so, we allow the cobot to be moved from one line to another in the manufacturing process.

Additionally, a CRX can be easily programmed to perform multiple different applications. By adding different end of arm tooling and different programming, your cobot can be fully utilized.

5. Small Footprint

Cobots are renowned for their small footprint, making them ideal for use in places where space is limited. Since they do not need the same setbacks, fencing, or scanners as traditional robots, they can work in closer proximity to workers safely.

Additionally, their compact footprint allows them to be navigated into tight spaces when mobile making it easier to use them on multiple lines.

6. Cobots Help in the Shortage of Workers

It has been estimated that the skills gap may leave about 2.4 million positions unfilled through 2028. Cobots can offer a strategic approach to addressing these challenges and making sure that companies can still thrive and be competitive in their industries.

Collaborative robots can fill in these gaps by performing the repetitive and physically demanding jobs that not many people want to do anymore. Automating these routine tasks with cobots can help companies can mitigate the impact of the labor shortage and maintain their productivity levels.

Zeta Group Engineering is a robotic integrator and conveyor manufacturer based in Wrightstown, Wisconsin.

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