3 Advantages of In-House Capabilities

Nowadays competitive lead times are crucial. Being able to provide a comparable service in less time than a competitor can make or break a deal. This is why being able to complete certain aspects of a service in-house, rather than outsourcing, creates a competitive edge for a company. 

1. Lead Times

In-house capabilities can significantly reduce lead times. Keeping things in-house allows for a shorter lead time than outsourcing to a third-party. A task can take longer when a third-party is involved because of the additional steps that are needed.  

2. Communication

Keeping services in-house allows for better communication when working on a project. Simplifying the process by working with a single point of contact for all aspects of the system. The more people that need to be kept in the loop about the project, the more there are chances that there will be miscommunication.

In-house services keep communication directly between the customer and integrator. Project requirements can be determined and followed through with minimal misunderstandings.

3. Smoother Integration

Smooth integration of all aspects of a project are necessary for the project to be completed correctly. By working with a single company, the conveyor and robotic systems can be designed to work seamlessly together, as the same team is responsible for integrating both components.

This can help reduce the risk of compatibility issues and improve the overall performance of the system.

Zeta’s In House Capabilities

At Zeta Group, we are able to do multiple aspects of a project in-house. We design, build, and assemble the conveyors for a system as well as have the capabilities to do the full controls for that system.

Our full in-house controls capabilities include: panel building, designing, programing, and FAT/Startup.

Additionally, we have the ability to powder coat paint in-house.

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Zeta Group Engineering is a robotic integrator and conveyor manufacturer based in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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